Tips for the Female Entrepreneur: Understanding the Gender Funding Gap & How to Overcome It

Here’s something we’re sure you already know: On average, women make roughly 80 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. That comes as no surprise, right? The gender wage gap is an issue that is well documented and talked about fairly often. While this is certainly an issue that needs to be addressed, here’s a statistic that you might not be aware of: When pitching their ideas to investors for early stage capital, women business owners receive, on average, over $1 million less than their male counterparts.

Here’s the thing, while the gender wage gap is an issue that makes headlines, the gender funding gap is one that goes unnoticed to the mainstream. In fact, unless you are a woman business owner, you might not even know this issue exists. What’s more, despite this incredible disparity, businesses founded by women deliver higher revenue, on average. In fact, they deliver more than twice as much per dollar invested than those founded by men — making women-owned companies better investments from a financial standpoint.

So then, why does this problem exist?

In a recent article, Catherine Sugarbroad, Volunteer Board Member of Girls in Tech NYC and Founder & Chief Revenue Officer at, explores the gender funding gap with the intention to better help you understand the issue, why it exists, and what you can do to overcome it. She speaks with a few brilliant businesswomen including VCs, Donna Wells and Tara Lemméy, and CEO Jaime Klein to provide you with expert advice, in hope that — by reading the article — any woman entrepreneur will be better positioned to find and secure the funding they need to succeed.

Read the full article by clicking the link here!

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