My Life, Re-Coded: Shandea Hardin

Re-Coding My Life: Shandea Hardin

Behind Bars: “Banyan Labs has been a complete life saver for me. Three years ago, I was an actual physical mute, suicidal, hopeless, and incarcerated. After being incarcerated for two years, I was released from prison and started working for Banyan Labs as a web developer in June 2021.”

Learning On The Job at Banyan Labs: “While at Banyan, I was asked to find the gap between what we learned through Persevere* while I was incarcerated and how we utilize our Full Stack knowledge out here (outside of prison). During this time, I put together the ‘On The Job’ (OTJ) program at Banyan Labs that trains our developers through a holistic approach. We learn both the hard skills and soft skills needed to be a successful developer.”

Paying it Forward: “Today, I am the Transition Coordinator. Not only have I learned the hard skills needed to work in the MERN Stack, I have also learned WordPress as well. I can build and design websites, perform administration and even business development; I have an actual career! Now I speak to everyone I am asked to and use my voice to help guide others in a positive manner and life-changing areas. I no longer am suffocated and feel death is the only option. In fact it’s the opposite.”

Loving Life: “Life-changing technical skills notwithstanding, the most impactful things I have taken away from Banyan are confidence, self-discipline, self-advocacy, security, hope, strength, self-worth, self-respect and most importantly … self-love. I LOVE my life!!! I am full of happiness and eagerness to see what the day has in store. I am truly grateful and completely blessed with being a part of Banyan Labs. I can’t honestly say I would be here today if it was not for the amazing people standing behind me at Banyan Labs.”

– Shandea Hardin / Editor: Flora White

About Banyan Labs

Banyan Labs is a Custom Software Development & Design Agency with a Social Justice Mission Banyan Labs employs justice-impacted individuals as web developers and software engineers who graduated from the Persevere technology training program as they re-enter society, after experiencing incarceration. Here, they receive mentoring from an array of experienced technology partners and learn to excel on cross-functional development teams. Working with Banyan Labs provides your business with innovative information technology solutions and opportunities to make lasting, positive social change. Our work is proven, professional, and affordable. Contact: Banyan Labs 4147 Willow Lake Blvd, Memphis, TN 38118 General Email: [email protected] Business Development: [email protected] Partnerships and Product Development: [email protected] *Persevere is a national 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to end mass incarceration, reduce recidivism, and empower incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and other justice-involved men and women to succeed as productive members of society.

You can join Banyan Labs, along with Girls in Tech NYC, and sponsors like Columbia University, Etsy, and Publicis at our Hacking for Humanity event at Columbia University on Oct 1 and Oct 2 2022! Registration link below!

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